"I found a fruitful world, because my ancestors planted it for me.

Likewise I am planting for my children."

Talmud, Taanit 23A



Stacey David, MSEd, holds a Master's of Early and Elementary

Education from CUNY-Hunter College and Certificates of

Synagogue Leadership in Organizational Change Management

from the Leadership Institute for Congregational Educators,

HUC/JTS and the Jewish Education Project. Stacey has been

working with youth for over 25 years. She grew up in Young

Judaea and went on to work in their leadership camp programs

at Sprout Lake and Tel Yehudah camps. She has also served as

the  coordinator for the Summer Shlichim program, and the 

director of special programs for the Salute to Israel Parade.

Stacey lived in Israel for three years where she studied at Young

Judaea Year Course and Tel Aviv University. Stacey has spent

years committed to Israel education through her pioneering 

work with the Metro West High School - Ra'anana Partnership.

Stacey has also volunteered for years as the Regional President

for the NJ Jewish Educators Assembly and Chair of the Principals Forum for Greater Metro West. Stacey has served as the education director of Congregation Ohr Shalom since July 1998.

I love this quote from the Talmud. It is from the ancient story of Honi, a first a first-century BCE sage and miracle worker. He is justifying his planting a tree that will not bear fruit for seventy years. Honi suggests that much of what we do in this world may not help us directly, but future generations will reap the benefits. 

What “fruits” did you inherit from your ancestors? 


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