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CHERYL AND RICH, parents of graduate

"This is a small letter of our appreciation... Thank you so much for supporting our daughter S. over the years and more importantly thank you for writing a recommendation for her college. We will never forget your caring and involvement in S.'s teen years!"

M AND M, parents grades 1, 4, 5

"Thank you for a wonderful year of religious school. The girls loved being part of the JCC program. So glad we joined. It has been a terrific first year for our family.

Thank you for all the time, effort and fun you put into the program. All our girls love going to religious school and they're learning a lot. We are wowed by all you do!"

L.S., parent grade 2

"My daughter J had so much fun this year. From one educator to another - I have noticed and truly appreciate all that you do for your students. You and your staff have such a strong passion and commitment to making the Jewish experience accessible and relevant. Thank you!!!"

M.S., parent grade 12 and 10

"We have come full circle. It just hit me like a ton of bricks. My son, J., attended the SJCC for pre-K, Kindergarten, all through religious school and post BM.

While attending Religious School on Wednesdays (pre bar mitzvah) it was somewhat of a battle to get him to attend: "Oh Mom ... do I really need to go today?" with many reasons following as to why he should be allowed to miss class.

Yesterday, thanks to you he not only went voluntarily but was an hour early! and will be there every Wednesday school is in session for the year. As Alanis Morisette sings, "isn't it ironic".

G., 8th grader

" Dear Stacey, Thank you for making Hebrew school such a fun and enjoyable experience throughout the years. I love learning, seeing friends, and just having an awesome time Wednesday and Sunday!"

V., graduate

" I want to say thank you to Stacey for an amazing two years working at COS-SJCC. Not only was my time fun, it was educational too. Without her I wouldn't have had these incredible friends and wonderful experiences. I'm truly going to miss spending my Wednesdays and Sundays here with the great company, but I will be back to visit whenever I am home. Without you Stacey I wouldn't be the Jew I am today."

E., grade 12

" I can't believe I have been apart of this amazing place for 15 years! I can't wait to make my final year the best!"

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