Copy of Who is Israel's Greatest Spies_.

The teen program for 7th-10th Graders is open to members and non members of COS. Classes take place on Sunday mornings. Our virtual classrooms foster deep intellectual friendships among young Jews from around the Metropolitan area synagogues. Together with the Alexander Muss High School in Israel we offer an academic program of the highest level to middle and high schoolers. Our students are challenged to face the real stories of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.





















Students will receive an academic certificate from the Alexander Muss High School in Israel and a scholarship towards a future Muss trip to Israel. 

Master Israel Educator, Mordechai Cohen is a proud faculty member at Jewish National Fund’s Alexander Muss High School in Israel (AMHSI) and loves teaching people of all ages and engaging them on Israel. Mordechai is a dynamic teacher and is proud of his passion for Israel. He is excited to offer these classes and is looking forward to being your educator. Mordechai brings with him a rich background in Jewish/Israel education. After graduating from the University of Southern California with a BA in International Relations, Mordechai went on to study at different yeshivot in Israel. He served as a coordinator for the Livnot U’Lehibanot program in both Tzfat and Jerusalem. He also studied on the Pardes Educators Program and did post-graduate study at Hebrew University’s Melton Center. He went on to teach and later became director of the Jewish Studies Department at New Jewish Community High School in Los Angeles. Mordechai then returned to Israel and worked as a pedagogy instructor for the teacher-training program at the Shalom Hartman Institute. Mordechai also worked as a tour operator for the Israel Experience Ltd. In 2009, Mordechai returned to North America and served as the Jewish Studies Principal for the Danilack Middle School of Associated Hebrew Schools in Toronto, North America’s oldest and largest day school. In 2013, he once again returned to Israel and is now proud to be an educator at JNF’s AMHSI. He is married to Liat, a Sabra, and they have four children, Galia (20), Yael (19), Avinoam (16) and Adi (12). Mordechai can’t wait to meet you.


Course #1 -- Israel’s Greatest Spies 

The fascinating stories of Israel's greatest spies is not just spy stories but    the stories of the Jewish people. The ethical question of spying address    issues such as love and friendship, life and death, individual and society,  obedience and freedom, virtue and wisdom, and more. What does Judaism teach us about the most fundamental aspects of human existence? Course dates: October - December 2020.

Course #2 -- Israel’s Great and Complicated Heroes  

We live in an era where Israel is a reality. This course is a passionate study of Zionist and Israeli stories, history, as well as deep engagement with the  heroes, statesmen, and thinkers behind the historic events. Course dates: December - January 2021

Course #3 -- "A Deep Dive into Israeli Culture (Music, Politics, Places and Purim)"  


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