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The Jewish Learning Center at Congregation Ohr Shalom believes in the power of young people to create change in themselves and in the world. We see ourselves as a living model of a thriving and inspired Jewish community. We believe Judaism contains wisdom that speaks to today’s most pressing issues, and we are excited to help young people flourish within a positive, safe, and inclusive community.


We model and teach Jewish sacred values and life cycles. Our program has the broad vision of making the world a better place. Our students experience the power of creating change both individually and as part of a group, while also learning how to live in a Jewish community. As students gain both Jewish skills (like Torah reading) and social skill sets (like learning to thrive in community), they deepen their sense of personal purpose, contribution, and Jewish identity.

We believe that each student learns “according to his own way”. Our team of teachers and teen leaders are trained in empathetic communication, and our small size allows us to focus on the needs of each student. At the JLC, learners always come first!


We’re delighted that our students and staff come from a broad spectrum of Jewish backgrounds which results in a diverse and welcoming environment. At the JLC, we build a Jewish community with no assumptions about a families’ previous Jewish background or knowledge. We’re glad to talk with you further if you have any questions!

We are grateful that you have joined our kind, spirited, and creative community.

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