Trip to Israel 2018



After eight or nine years in the JLC Hebrew School, and more than one year preparing for their B Mitzvah, our Tenth Graders are looking for something unique and experiential for their continued Jewish studies.

Our innovative Confirmation Class allows students to learn more about topics of interest to them in a seminar style format (they choose the subjects) and then do field work related to those topics. Seminars are held on Sunday mornings. Each subject includes discussion on Jewish contributions, modern Jewish positions, and Talmudic and textual approaches. Subjects include:

  • What's in your Jewish Toolbox?  

  • Gossiping - Lashon Harah

  • Radicalism Today & after the Destruction of the Temple - "Give me Yavneh and its Sages"

  • The Obligation to Protest! It's in the Talmud.

  • Time - what is Jewish Time according to our Rabbis? 

  • Slavery and Racism in the Torah.

  • Shabbat peace and priorities 

  • What are the six categories a person enjoys from in the profits of this world? Keren Kayemet, a perpetual fund.

  • Why has food become so essential in Judaism? 

  • "Na-aseh v'Nishmah" - We Will Do & We Will Listen. Racial justice, diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the heart of what it means to build a Jewish community, and belong at its center.

  • Who is "wealthy" according to the sages? 

  • Bullies : How can we encourage sinners to cease? 

  • What are the essence of prayers? 

  • Be a Lamplighter ... Human Dignity

  • Who do you think has copyright over the Torah? 

  • Tikkun Olam - Repairing the World and the story of Honi the Circle Maker, Talmud. 

  • Superstition, Amulets, Mystics and Demons in the Talmud

  • Taking Care of Animals

  • The House of Hillel and Shammai - aka ... Hogwarts. Why do we follow Rabbi Hillel and his disciples?

  • Bystanders. The Story of the Destruction of the Temple. 

  • Who is Judaism's Ideal Person? 

  • Pikuach Nefesh: To Save a Life. 

  • Judging and Judges in Judaism

  • Israel's Mount Rushmore ...

  • Flags - it's symbols and meanings.


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