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GRADES 6 and 7


May you always see the world with Jewish eyes 

Grade 6 

Sundays: 9:30am-12pm

Wednesdays: 4pm-6pm

Grade 7

Sundays: 10am-12pm

Wednesdays: 4pm-6pm

Our middle school curriculum is not tied to any particular Jewish movement. It’s based on values we all share, like “Using your inner strength to do what’s right” and “Taking responsibility for your actions.” We bring you the most engaging and innovative Jewish educational content, including videos, text studies, blessings, and stories.



In this class students will engage in discussions of ethical puzzles and Jewish responses. Students confront a series of moral dilemmas and encounter core Jewish values, such as Tzar Ba’alei Hayyim (a Jewish commandment which bans causing animals unnecessary suffering) and Pikuah Nefesh (saving a life). In the process, they address the legal principles surrounding questions of use of animals in medical research and more. 

Students will also have a session on Wednesdays with our Rishona (Israeli Teen), Juana

In Hebrew students will learn from our Rabbi and Cantor beginning with a Hebrew reading "Boot Camp" and moving onto pre-B'nai Mitzvah skills such as: Torah trope and reading from the Siddur and Torah. 


On Wednesdays, our 7th Grade, students are exposed to the concepts of Facing Hate with Humanity. Our program focuses on ethics, social responsibility, and justice. Our class discussions contain meaningful dialogue about today’s most profound and challenging issues. Topics address what it means to be a citizen in a democratic society and inspire positive change in the world.

On Sundays, students learn in our Teen Program! 

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